Distraction microtransactions are abundant in the Minecraft Marketplace

January 12, 2023

Distraction microtransactions are abundant in the Minecraft Marketplace

Minecraft has a lot of potential, but it's much more appreciated when people take the initiative. It's also not a microtransaction on Minecraft Marketplace.

Minecraft is a sandbox game that allows you to express yourself in any way you like. Minecraft allows you to play however you like, how you wish, and with the many mods available, you can even make everything you want. Most of this is available for free, provided you have purchased the game. The Minecraft marketplace is where money can be exchanged.

Although the Minecraft marketplace is known for some time, it isn't something many Java players are familiar with. The two versions of Minecraft are now in the same place, so it's not all that different. It's not surprising there are some issues with the Minecraft marketplace.

Boredbud04, a Redditor, uploaded a short video showing some of the "Back Items" available on the market. These cosmetics can be used to add flair and style to characters by taking up space normally unused. They are more extravagant than other skins because they alter the shape of your characters. Although they may be just wings, you can't help but notice how large they become when they block the market screen.

Inner Ghosts is the biggest offenders in all senses. Boredbud04 puts it second. If it were in the middle, this bit of back bling would take up most of the screen. This is a problem if you play multiplayer games. You could easily troll other players by simply standing in front of them. This isn't necessarily a problem as long as you put in the effort to make it. However, it does feel a little awkward.