How to Tame a Cat in Minecraft

January 6, 2023

How to Tame a Cat in Minecraft

It's fun to build homes, farms, and even dungeons in Minecraft. But what is a dream world without your feline friend? You can tame a stray kitten if you are looking for a pet to play with, or to wait for you at home after a long day mining for diamonds.

What you need

- Raw salmon or raw cod

Although it's easy to tame a cat in Minecraft, it's not a difficult task.

This guide will show you how to manage a cat in Minecraft. It will also tell you where to find stray cats, and what to do with them once they are adopted.

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Where can I find cats?

There are no animal adoption centers in Minecraft. You will have to find a stray kitten to bring home in the wild. Cats are easy to find. Stray cats spawn in villages that have at least one villager and four bedrooms. A cat will spawn for every four beds in a village (up to 10) so there will likely be a wide variety of colors in an average village.

Black cats can also be found in swamps around witch huts.

The Bedrock Edition is the most popular version of the game and it features black cats that are more likely to spawn during full moons.

How to control a cat

Step 1: To calm a cat, first gather some raw salmon or cod from a nearby river or lake.

Step 2: Equip the fish and slowly approach the stray cat. The raw fish can be used on the skeptical cat.

Step 3: Continue feeding the cat raw fish until it has hearts above its head. This is a sign that it is being tamed. It will likely need to be fed multiple times before it starts to like you. So stock up on fish before you try this.

Step 4: Once the cat has had enough food, the hearts will disappear. The cat will be given a collar. Now you have a pet cat.

Cat behavior

Once you have successfully trained a cat to follow you wherever you go, it will follow you everywhere. You don't have to lose your cat if you move 12 blocks away. They can teleport to another player if they get lost. Trained cats will not sit still unless they are told to. They will explore the area around the player unless they are instructed to. If you want an indoor cat to stay with you, you can tell it to sit.

Cats will often climb on top furniture when they are in a house. Cats can often be found sitting on top of furnaces, beds, and chests. As real-life cats, Minecraft cats can sometimes get in the way of your furnaces and chests. If they get into anything you don't want them playing with, you can push them away, lure them away using raw fish, or remove blocks beneath them to get them moving.

A tamed cat may be found near a player when they go to sleep at night. There's a chance that a pet cat will bring you a gift when they wake up. They can collect string, raw chicken and a rabbit's feet, among other things.