Minecraft Console Commands and Cheats

January 2, 2023

Minecraft Console Commands and Cheats

There are always console commands and cheats. There is no better way to conquer the vast Minecraft world than to pull up the command bar and type in some words and symbols, and then magic-ing your pony with diamond armour.

A console command is more than just a string. They can instantly change the world, from killing all enemies around you to melting all the metal in your inventories. This may be called cheating by some, but it is really just a way to save time and allow you to continue your awesome Minecraft project.

How do you enter Minecraft commands? The Minecraft console commands are very simple to use. They can be used just like entering Minecraft seeds. You will be asked whether you want to allow cheats when creating a new Minecraft environment. After you have selected yes and loaded up the world you will need to press "C" to bring up the command bar. This is where you will enter all your commands and cheats.

Forward slash (/); multiplayer commands are required to be prefixed with any command.

It's as easy as typing the desired command into the text box and hitting the "Enter” key.

Commands for Minecraft console and cheats

Target selector [email protected]: Nearest player
@r - Random player
@a - All players
@e - all entities
@s - The entity that executes the command
Target selector variables can be used to set a target without having to type their full name. Below are five shorthand commands. These commands will become second nature when you play on the best Minecraft servers.

/help [CommandName]
This page provides more information about the given command.

/give [Amount]
This is used to give an item from your inventory to another player. Example: /give PCGamesN Minecraft:planks 13. This would give PCGamesN 13 Spruce Wood Planks. This command is easier for single objects, but it is useful for stackable objects.

/tp [TargetPlayer] x y z
This can be used to instantly transport you or another player to a particular location in the world. The coordinates can be replaced by the name of another player to transport the target directly. These Minecraft maps can also be used to teleport to another world.

You can kill your character by adding another player's name to the command.

You can choose the weather and your world. You can choose from rain, thunder, or snow.

Creativity mode
/gamemode creativity
This mod changes the gamemode to Creative mode. It allows player flight, unlimited resources, and stops mobs attacking you.

Survival mode
/gamemode survival
Changes the gamemode from Survival to Mode. This means that mobs will attack you, and you'll need to gather all resources the old-fashioned method.

Set time
/time set 1000
Sets the day's time. Replace "1000" by "0" for dawn, noon, midday, 12000 for dusk, and 18000 for night.

Peaceful Change from Trouble
/difficulty peaceful
Change difficulty to peaceful mode For more challenge, replace "peaceful" by "easy", "normal", or "hard".

How to find the seed code for your world
This will generate a code for your world. Keep it down so you can load another one in the future.

When you die, keep an inventory
/gamerule KeepInventory true
Ensures you don't lose your items upon dying. This can be reversed by typing "false" instead of "true".

/gamerule doDaylightCycle false
This will stop the game from running its day/light cycle. You can now live under permanent sunlight or moonlight. To restart the day/light cycle, type "/gamerule doDaylightCycle true"

You can instantly drop a desired creature/object into your world. This is especially useful for those who are short on tame orcelots.

Atlantis mode
The world's water level is dramatically raised, submerging all but its highest mountains.

Transforms the creature you are facing into a mount

Instant mine
One-click mining with any tool

Stops mobs from following them.

Fall damage
Turns fall damage off and on

Fire damage
Fire damage can be turned on and off.

Water damage
Turns water damage off and on.

Smelt item
All items are melted.

Instant plant
No more waiting for a seed to sprout.

Shop for items
All inventory items are stored in a chest that spawns nearby.

Item damage
Weapons are no longer subject to damage or degrading.

Copy and drop the item stack you have equipped.

These are the commands you need to enhance your Minecraft game and take the guesswork out of crafting. But what's the next step? These Minecraft mods might make your game even more amazing. These mods will make your game more exciting than Mojang could have imagined. They can even put Pokemon in your worlds!