Minecraft Mod Lets you Live your Dance

December 3, 2022

Minecraft Mod Lets you Live your Dance

Minecraft Redstone is one of the most fun things to watch in action. Although it was quite simple when it was first introduced, you can do almost anything with it today. There have been a few Minecraft games, including Minesweeper. Today's video shows a working Dance Dance Revolution.

MattBatWings is a powerful Redstone craftsman. He asked his community what they wanted the YouTuber to do. These included instantaneous computations and devices that can store and send images. MattBatWings also built a working version the arcade classic Dance Dance Revolution. They haven't played the game but that didn't stop their enthusiasm.

MattBatWings discovered that Redstone lamps don't always turn off immediately when they are being made. This is not a problem when building doors or other items, but it can be a problem when you try to recreate classic games in the sandbox. This obstacle was quickly overcome but the creator did make it smaller in order to avoid some of the problems the huge screen initially caused.

The coolest thing about this video is the ability to download the map and play around with it yourself. Even if you aren't a Dance Dance Revolution fan, this is a great opportunity to explore the intricate Redstone circuitry that makes these amazing devices work. It made us feel completely inadequate, but maybe it was because we were like MattBatWings who understood the logic.