Minecraft TNT shenanigans

November 18, 2022

Minecraft TNT shenanigans

Pranking and playing with your friends in multiplayer games is a common thing. Traps have been a common feature of multiplayer server since its inception. Many players love to make traps to kill their friends.

TNT blocks are notoriously used to kill players. Players are careful when using TNT blocks because of its notorious use. Without Blast Protection, activated TNT could easily kill players.

Reddit user U/YUNGNICKYOUNG didn't want to hurt their friends or take their stuff away. It's fun to have a good time with your friends once in a while. OP (Original Poster), created a fake TNT Block to prank their friends.

Redditor adds faketNT to Minecraft

Reddit user u/YUNGNICKYOUNG posted a video showing his creation, Fake TNT. Yung is known for his ability to customize vanilla features using his mods. His mods are well-known in the Minecraft community.

Yung's latest creation was a mod that used a fake TNT. YUNG visits a villager to show off his fake TNT. It is the same texture as regular TNT blocks. It is impossible to tell the difference by just looking at it.

OP ignites TNT using flint or steel. It activates like regular TNT but instead of an explosion, TNT creates a firework animation. A fake TNT block will scare anyone who isn't aware of it.


Minecraft players love TNTs. It's hard to find a person who doesn't enjoy blowing up things in a sandbox environment. Yung's post about fake TNT attracted over 22K Redditors.

Reddit user xShinyShadow had a brilliant and sinister idea. They suggested that OP show his friends the tricks of fake TNT and give them real TNT. This could make OP's friends enemies.

Reddit user u/Solid_Ice231 wanted to know the recipe for making fake TNT using this mod. The recipe is the same as regular TNTs but YUNG used a firework star in place of gunpowder. This is why TNT also has a firework animation.

Redditor u/casultran wanted to play prank on their friends, and asked if there was an easy download link. YUNG's TNT mod is available only to Patreon supporters. He may release a public version of this mod in the future.