YouTuber uses AI to make Minecraft

October 27, 2022

YouTuber uses AI to make Minecraft

Minecraft is already a clever game. But it could be even better. AI is a strange way people can design things quickly and easily. Images from Dall-E are all over the internet and AI is very popular. It was only a matter time before Minecraft got the AI treatment.

Mysticat, who can be found building tanks and shooting friends with them, decided that it was time to see the true potential of Mojang's voxel universe. They use a variety of AI systems to alter the game's appearance and sound. Soundraw is used for music and sound effects and Craiyon to create textures. You can follow along with each AI used in the video. Each small change quickly adds to the total.

All of these small changes can lead to a strange end result. Although some blocks, like dirt, look pretty good, the PNG images of flowers and the terrifying faces of some Minecraft mobs are a nightmare. The sound effects are especially haunting. Each animal sounds like something you would expect to hear when the world is overthrown by a demon invasion.

We think this is a positive sign that it's people who should be designing games, and not AI sites. This should also mean that the inevitable machine revolt is still a ways away. We're still in trouble if Minecraft's Warden becomes real and escapes the game.